Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blossom Spraying

The first of the bees are out and the the cherry trees are blooming! All the trees look healthy and even the Early Burlat variety that hasn't had much yield in the past seems to have lots of blossoms. The Lapins, Angela's, Rainier and Sweethearts are doing equally well. On the weekend, we sprayed the trees with Serenade Max which is an organic spray. We hope it will minimise the amount of blossom rot caused by the constant rain and high humidity of Victoria. We will spray again at full bloom and possibly just before shuck fall. In the meantime, we will be weeding the orchard, putting organic coffee sacks over the rows as a weed barrier and removing the metal support poles beside the trees.

Bee Pollinating Cherry Blossoms

Rows Of Flowering Cherry Trees

Cherry Blossoms

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nets Have Arrived

The nets to cover the cherry trees arrived on Monday. April 9, 2012. The nets were designed by Marilyn Roberts of Kootenay Covers and manufactured in India.  They are a specially designed fine-mesh plastic product that keeps predators and bugs from spoiling the cherry crop.  Using the netting to guard the crop will mean we will not have to spray any pesticides.  Five huge bales were delivered by FedEx as follows ... 

  • Bail 1 -  2 nets @ 22' x 155' each - Weight = 65.300 kg
  • Bail 2 -  2 nets @ 22' x 155' each - Weight = 65.300 kg
  • Bail 3 -  1 net @ 22' x 135' and 1 net @ 22 x 155 - Weight = 71.500 kg
  • Bail 4 -  2 nets @ 22' x 125' each - Weight = 69.300 kg
  • Bail 5 -  1 net @ 22' x 125' - Weight = 28.900 kg
  • Total netting - 9 nets @  - 22'  x 1160' - Total weight = 300.3 kg
 It took two people to unload the heavy packages and then Fedex used a trolley to move them to our garage. We will be storing the packages until the weather is nice enough to spread them out on the grass and the cherry fruit is starting to form.  Watch for our next post about how we unpack the nets!

5 heavy bales with a happy greeting

Clearly marked packages delivered by Fedex

Fine mesh plastic nets

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Cherry Hill Orchard is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  We are a small, hobby-farm operation specializing in sweet cherry production.  We grow five varieties that produce from early July through mid-August:  Early Burlat, Angela, Rainer, Lapin and Sweetheart.  Although it is a challenge to grow sweet cherries in this climate, we strive to produce high quality cherries without the use of pesticides, fungicides or other chemical products.  Our cherries are "au natural" just the way God intended ... plump, crisp and full of sweetness.  You haven't experienced real cherry taste until you've sampled a fully ripe cherry fresh from the tree.  Where can you get these tastey morsels?  Call us to place an order or find our cherries at specialty stores that carry the finest in local produce.

Yellow-fleshed Rainer Cherries