Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Cherry Hill Orchard is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  We are a small, hobby-farm operation specializing in sweet cherry production.  We grow five varieties that produce from early July through mid-August:  Early Burlat, Angela, Rainer, Lapin and Sweetheart.  Although it is a challenge to grow sweet cherries in this climate, we strive to produce high quality cherries without the use of pesticides, fungicides or other chemical products.  Our cherries are "au natural" just the way God intended ... plump, crisp and full of sweetness.  You haven't experienced real cherry taste until you've sampled a fully ripe cherry fresh from the tree.  Where can you get these tastey morsels?  Call us to place an order or find our cherries at specialty stores that carry the finest in local produce.

Yellow-fleshed Rainer Cherries

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