Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blossom Spraying

The first of the bees are out and the the cherry trees are blooming! All the trees look healthy and even the Early Burlat variety that hasn't had much yield in the past seems to have lots of blossoms. The Lapins, Angela's, Rainier and Sweethearts are doing equally well. On the weekend, we sprayed the trees with Serenade Max which is an organic spray. We hope it will minimise the amount of blossom rot caused by the constant rain and high humidity of Victoria. We will spray again at full bloom and possibly just before shuck fall. In the meantime, we will be weeding the orchard, putting organic coffee sacks over the rows as a weed barrier and removing the metal support poles beside the trees.

Bee Pollinating Cherry Blossoms

Rows Of Flowering Cherry Trees

Cherry Blossoms

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